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Solo harp



« Journey »

“He who ventures into the desert cannot retrace his steps, and when one cannot go back one must concentrate exclusively on the best way of going forward”. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho.
Marielle Nordmann offers a “Journey” that mixes popular music from Spain and S. America with extracts from Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. This journey may help us listen to our hearts... read the signs of destiny... live our dreams to the full. Wilfried Schick’s creative use of space and light works subliminally to emphasise the key features of this journey of initiation, which may help us, quite simply ... to be happy !
Sor, Granados, Barrios, Villa Lobos, Albeniz, Tarrega...
Photos by : C. Bourgoin

« What do you know about harp ? »

“Harpo Marx and Lily Laskine : Marielle Nordmann is perhaps the child of both”
From Mount Olympus to the street, by way of Versailles and Malmaison, this spectacle in music and words reveals the harp, an instrument of life, love and death...
Yes, the harp is a very ancient instrument.
No, it is not just for playing in an elegant drawing-room. 
Yes, it probably derives originally from the bow.
No, it is not reserved for use by an elite.
Yes, it can emerge from the orchestra and play solo.
Yes, it is an instrument for everyone.
Monteverdi, Handel, Dussek, Parish-Alvars, Scott Joplin...


« After a dream »

with Nemanja Radulovic (violin)
The true happiness of shared music.
Charismatic among all, the association of the beaming harpist and the steaming violin virtuose makes the duet one of the most magical team of the moment.
With a program mixing duets, pieces for solo harp or solo violin among the most famous, their repertoire proposes a somptuous journey across the most various territories.
Chopin, Tchaïkovski, Barrios, Fauré, Bartok,..

« Encuentro »

with Eduardo Garcia (bandoneon)
A burning universe of emotions and vitality … music reaching souls, where joy and passion meet together.
The harp, one of the first instrument of tango history...
The bandoneon, was created to interprete sacred music in german churches in the middle of the 19th century...
A history where instruments join without ever meeting...two interpreters will at last unite them. Marielle Nordmann and Eduardo Garcia, exceptionnal interperters, give birth to this complitely new duet, created univers with powerfull, happy and melancolic sonority, where Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos and their friends are dressed with new colours.
Fate has patiently waited for this encounter for a century, as an evidence.

Chamber Music

« Magic Classic »

with the quatuor « Les Trilles »
Utmost uncounter of a great artist and a string quatuor served by first rate solists who are singers, story tellers or ... whistlers as well !
A concert in witch all styles of music meet, in a burlesque and poetical univers. A program of fantasy, humour and emotions.
Haendel, Vivaldi, Barrios, Boieldieu, ...

« From words to notes till drunkenness »

with Alain Duault (speaking), Juliette Hurel (flûte), François Chaplin (piano)
“Loving, drinking and singing” : it’s the title of a Strauss’s waltz but it may be a life plan as well ! In our so torn, tossed, sown world, what’s better than poetry and music wedding to help us fly away from a too heavy reality ? This concert invites us to raise our heart as we raise our drink.
Do come in with us into the dance of words and notes :  the music of it, is the same, this of an awestruck heart.
Schubert, Dvorak, Tarrega …        Boileau, Baudelaire, Nerval…         

With orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

Danses C. Debussy
Concerto en Si b Majeur G.F. Haendel
Concerto en ré mineur A. Vivaldi
Concertino E. Parish-Alvars
Divertimento J. Haydn
Prélude à la vie éternelle A. Girard
Conte Fantastique A. Caplet

Doubles concertos

Concertino pour piano et harpe E. Parish-Alvars
Concertante pour violon et harpe L. Spohr
Concerto flûte et harpe W.A Mozart
Concerto violon et harpe J. Haydn
Ballet à deux harpes F. Gossec
Concerto à 2 harpes A. Vivaldi
Concertante pour harpe, piano & clavecin Franck - Martin

Symphonic Orchestra

Concerto en mi b Majeur E. Parish-Alvars
Concerto K. Reinecke
Concerto en Ut Mineur A. Zabel
Concerstück C. Saint Saëns
Concerstück G. Pierné
Concerto en Ut F.A. Boieldieu
Concerto d’Aranjuez J. Rodrigo
Concerto A. Ginastera
Concertino E. Von Dohnanyi
Concerto E. Raautavara (2000)
Variations sur Norma V. Bellini - E. Parish-Alvars
Concerto en Do mineur E.Parish-Alvars (1847)
Concerto en Si b Majeur F. J. Naderman

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