Together to create
That is Marielle Nordmann’s motto. More over the story, Marie Labrune and Marielle Nordmann tell us about difference, fragility, humility and transformation. Through a repertoire classical, romantic and contemporary are together, where words and musics touch, they invite artists to renew their musical sense, to mix their voices with the sounds of harp, to bare over other movements.
Listening, tuning , vibrating together, creating original instrumental polyphonies, moving on stage, beeing moved by a princess’s, frogs’ and monsters’ adventures...
An unexpected encounter where harpists, story tellers and dancers, all around Marielle Nordmann and Marie Labrune, lead us in a story with the colours of ancient India.
This tale telling one of Buddha’s incarnation, is about the transformation of the self which can influence the others till freeing a whole country from fear, injustice and corruption ...
The topic of this project is one of a burning and permanent actuality.
A piece of M.O. Dupin specially written for a harp quartett will be played and then a celtic harp quartett as well on the theme of “au clair de la Lune”. The music are from J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Haendel, Rachmaninov, BartÓk, , Benzécry…
Some transcriptions have specially been made for this tale.
The general idea of this project is to perform again and again (keeping stage director and myself) with different teachers and students each time.
“ I deeply believe in this concept which will make us all meet together on stage to share our emotions and practices ; learning, one from the others, the magic of melting energies, the possibilities of transmission and the pleasure of sharing”.
Marielle Nordmann.

After studying in Lyon's music college in classes of piano,chamber music and choir direction,she grows a passion for art teaching.
Her diversified professional training in psycho-pedagogy,using the various approaches of Willems,M.L. Aucher,and François Louche (listening pedagogy), led her to set up many artistic projects linked with different institutions. (IUFM, CFMI, theatre companies, Dijon university choir,vocal ensembles,....)
With the help of different listening situations,during which body,spoken word and song participate in the musician's scenic expression,she proposes another road to creativity.
Therefore Marielle Nordmann requested her to co-adapt and direct "le conte de Jataka".
Author of several productions, she is currently the artistic manager of the company "Au fil de l'écoute", and the musical manager of the vocal ensemble "Fréquence 16".